Open Sea algae farm

Research is the heart of South Agro, we have been studying the development and propagation of naturally occurring seaweed in our seas for three years.

We have developed a farm system for the cultivation of red and brown algae, in the pilot phase. Algae can be usefull for different purposes, for example they can be used as bioremediation agents, assorbing carbon dioxide and inorganic catabolites.

Atmospheric pressure reactor

The main objective of South Agro is the transformation into products with higher added value of seaweeds with particolar attention to products for agronomic use.

South Agro has designed and built a chemical reactor, equipped with control of the main process parameters, for the production of biostimulant products able to operate even in extreme pH conditions.

The realized reactor (pilot scale V=600lt) allows a remarkable flexibility to the study and to produce agriculture products.

Gallery Research&Development

We are constantly looking for collaborations for this business branch, we are looking for companies interested in investing in our research, which allows, the investor company to obtain advantageous tax discount in Italy; both young people with scientific interest in these topics.