AGRO + is a concentrated seaweed extract registred to be used in organic farming.

Thanks to its biostimulant properties it allows to reduce the use of chemical fertilizers and plants protection products, stimulating the defenses of plants. AGRO + has a balanced content of phytohormones naturally contained in algae, which stimulate cell growth. The presence of alginic acid makes possible to bind positive ions present in the soil, favoring the absorption of meso and micro nutrients. Mannitol stimulates resistance to climatic and osmotic stresses.
For a more responsable agriculture, AGRO + is the best choice.

what are biostimulants?

“Biostimulants are substances and / or microorganisms that, when applied to the plant or to the rhizosphere, stimulate natural processes that improve nutrient absorption and assimilation efficiency, tolerance to abiotic stresses and product quality. Biostimulants have no direct effects on pests and pathogens and therefore do not fall into the pesticide category”.

Definition of Biostimulant developed by EBIC 2013

discover the various formats of agro+

AGRO + 1Kg
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